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New Home Leasing in Avon Lake
Gamellia Homes offers a lease-option with your choice of a stunning brand new luxury townhome, single-family or detached cluster home. Leasing allows you to:
Live now in a beautifully decorated new home with an affordable monthly payment.
Avoid buying a “used” home that you have to make your own.
Stop spending money on repairs to your existing home.
If a homeowner, get the cash out of your existing home to have, save or invest.
Forget closing costs, points, commissions, mortgage rates, property taxes, maintenance fees, etc. in a changing market.
Have Gamellia cover maintenance without costs to you for service calls.
Not feel like a “renter” when you have a real home for you and your family
Have an address in an award-winning lakeside suburb.
Avoid Maintenance Fees & Property Tax.