About Gamellia Custom Homes
James Gamellia Sr.
Gamellia Construction Company is a custom builder located in Avon Lake, Ohio. Established in home construction by his father decades ago, James Gamellia lives and builds within Avon Lake and neighboring Avon. He is a custom builder committed to providing homes that are tailored to the individuals and families who will become part of the community. He considers every aspect of the house that will become your new home and serve as a center for your daily life. Once you’ve made the choice to live in either Avon Lake or Avon, the selection of the right builder is easy.
Where you live can make the difference in how you live.
It’s often been repeated that the three most important things about a great value in Real Estate are location, location and location! That’s because the home is a hub for the family and the location of that home affects many significant aspects of daily life: schools, entertainment, shopping, recreation, access to work as well as, for some, an investment that can appreciate in value over the years to provide financial security in the future. Deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions that many people will make in their lifetime.
About Avon Lake—
Avon Lake is a perfect location for value, lifestyle and an appreciation for all of the benefits of living by the lake with easy access to Greater Cleveland.

About 18,000 people live in the 12 square miles of Avon Lake. It’s a location that has what many people desire — from the ambiance of tree-lined streets and nearness to the lake and parks to the more practical considerations such as low taxes, excellent services, great schools and medical facilities and, in general, a high quality of life. In fact, Avon Lake has just about everything that you may find important in life.

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